Dunning-Kruger is alive and thriving almost everywhere. I think all of us feel like imposters from time to time. It's really just a matter of keeping it in perspective. I read that humility is not thinking less of yourself; rather, it's thinking of yourself less. The questions I ask myself when gripped with this feeling are mostly directed at what I have done versus what I claim to have done, how good is it compared to my "ideal" versus my other work (have I progressed? etc.). and what my agenda was while I was doing this activity. As with most things, honesty is the keystone. A painful one, but there it is.

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Jul 3, 2021Liked by Ava Love Hanna

This was great! And painfully relatable.

I was talking about this sort of thing with another writer the other day. It seems like there's a lot of these dumb psychological things that block creative output. Imposter syndrome, fear of judgement (for putting yourself out there), perfectionism.

It's been hard lately, but it seems to help when you can identify what's going on. "I am experiencing THESE THINGS right now." That's when I tell myself that the only way forward is to hit publish.

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Jul 2, 2021Liked by Ava Love Hanna

This was amazingly hilarious. I found your blog from the Shoutout thread.

I would like to say though, just as an aside, the real question I ask myself is, "Am I even good enough to have impostor syndrome xD"

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Thanks!! You are not alone -- I actually sat on this topic for a few weeks and wondered if I'm even good enough at having impostor syndrome to write about impostor syndrome. haha.

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